geek + intelligent + curious + ambitious + imaginative + friendly = ME

Clearly you have come to this page to learn about the legend? The myth? Me?


Time for an introduction, my name is Ryan Patrick Yates.

I am a freelance multimedia artist and designer within digital design, who uses various techniques including 3D, Graphic Design and Illustration.

A graduate from Trinity College, Dublin (2013 - 2014), I am now based between Belfast and Dublin in Ireland, working on websites, project management and graphic design projects. Having successfully completed projects nationwide, I am focusing my career within the entertainment industry (Film/Video games/Television), having previously studied Computer Animation at Portsmouth University (2004 - 2007).

My current work is inspired by various different generations of designers, with the era of Art Deco (1930/40s) being a favourite at the moment.

Particular interests for my work include artists John Seamas Gallagher and Paul Kidby, and games studios CD Projekt RED and Crystal Dynamics.

I have frequently worked within community organisations and educational institutions, producing graphic designs.

Feel free to contact me at any time either through social media or email.

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Peace, Ryan!